To the arts festival in Ski we baked words out of kransekake dough. Kransekake is a cake made from almonds, icing sugar and egg whites. The cake is often served at holiday celebrations like Christmas and at weddings. It was an interactive work of art. The visitors were invited to choose a word, eat it or take it home. They could also break of a piece of the word. Through this process new words emerged.

“Take away” was a form of play with materiality and language. A word is a term and refers to something beyond itself. By eating a word, it disappears as a physical reality, and instead it become a part of the body of the one who ate it. 

The project focused on ideology and power. Language is power and expresses an ideological mindset. We baked buzzwords. Buzzwords are like fashion, they pretend to be fix, smart and modern. Often they are used to embellish or obscure the real character of that which they purportedly describe. Through ”Take away”, we wanted to give the audience an opportunity to reflect on some of these buzzwords.