Galleri F-15

Who is afraid of being ordinary?

He is playing so nicely!

The exhibition was made in cooperation with Roald Amlien

Who is afraid of being ordinary?

For the project site at Galleri F-15, we created a story about people out of proportion, fleeing from mediocrity or simply becoming unsuccessful. The installation was made up of the following works: “Who is afraid of being ordinary?” and “He is playing so nicely”.

A trampoline almost filled the room completely. A crocheted sun was hanging from the ceiling. On top of the trampoline there was a wooden tanker, underneath a blue light, a wooden tank, and soldiers. A 14 inch tv screen was installed above the doorframe, showing a video of a man repeatedly nagging on the viewers to watch him while making the most amazing moves to impress.

The trampoline has become one of the things of our time. If you fly over Norway, you may see a lot of black dots. Parents want to keep their children fit. The title “He is playing so nicely” is a quotation, and shows that even childrens games have become achievements. 

Let us imagine the trampoline in this installation as the earth before it became a globe -pre-Columbian. On top of the trampoline there is sunshine. A tanker is sailing around the world carrying goods and ideas. Underneath the trampoline there is war.