Text about the event Sunday 26.11 at 13.30 Åste Dokka:
Conversation between Åste Dokka and Eli Eines.

The conversation is based on Eli Eines’ exhibition “Hitinntil” at Telemark Art Center and Åste Dokka’s book «En alvorlig lek, å tenke teologisk». It will be a conversation about language and reading one’s life into a larger narrative.

Åste Dokka has a PhD in systematic theology from the Faculty of Theology (UiO), is an ordained priest, author, commentator in Vårt Land and runs the podcast “Dokka”.

Text about the event Sunday 03.12.2023 with Geir Jørgen Bekkevold
The conversation is based on Eli Eines’ exhibition “Hitinntil” at Telemark art center.  By inviting Geir Jørgen Bekkevold to the art center, she wants to anchor the conversation locally in Telemark. Are there any parallells between being a believer in Telemark and in Groruddalen, or between the churches there? It will be a conversation about church closures, church fires and crosses, but also about the difference between expressing oneself as a priest, politician and artist.

Geir Jørgen Bekkevold is a priest and was a member of parliament for KrF from Telemark in the period 2009-2021. From 2021, he is Director of Communication and Public Relations at Telemark Hospital HF.

This Sunday, the entire congregation in Skien church is invited to the neighboring Telemark Kunstsenter for church coffee. Coffee, juice and cake will be served.

Text about the event Sunday 10.12.2023
Art is a place where you can meet yourself and others. That is the premise of this conversation. Eli Eines’ exhibition “Hitinntil” at Telemark Kunstsenter is the starting point, but this Sunday’s conversation will focus on using art as a tool for coping and understanding in life. Kjetil Røed has written the books: «Kunsten og livet – en bruksanvisning», «Kunsten og døden – en bruksanvisning» and «Fra punktum til kolon: En essay om kritikk og kjærlighet». One of these books also mentions an earlier work by Eines, “Hull i hjerte”.

Kjetil Røed is a writer, art critic and editor of Billedkunst.

Text about the event Sunday 17.12.2023
Do we lose something when churches are closed down and Christian symbols are removed from public spaces? This is a question from the exhibition “Hitherto” that theologian Notto R Thelle and artist Eli Eines bring into the conversation on Sunday. Society is changing. How can we talk about God in a way that makes sense today?

Notto Reidar Thelle is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo. His main focus as a theologian is research, dialogue and reflection in the borderlands between Christian faith, Eastern religions and modern spirituality. Thelle has written a number of books on these topics.

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